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Our dog training videos specialize in filming dog training in Real Time.

Definition of Real Time: the actual time that it takes for a process to occur. We show the process of training a dog who has never been worked before, so you can see the progression from session to session. It is much like a slow motion picture of a flower beginning to bloom.
Training a Retriver Puppy DVD with Bill Hillmann
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Revised Edition

Bill teaches and reinforces the SIT command at a young age as part of his retriever puppy training. He then contrasts this with massive amounts of excitement. These combine to create an absolutely rock steady retriever at a very young age. Bill calls this process the "Traffic Cop." The Revised Edition shows 3 different retriever puppies being trained in front of the camera. This method works beautifully with a Labrador Retriever, a Golden Retriever or any breed that you want to teach to be a great retriever.

Bill explains his way of starting a retriever puppy, to get him started in the right direction.

This beginning training will create habits and form a relationship that will be the foundation for any retrieving activities whether it's hunting ducks, chasing a tennis ball in your backyard, or going into competitive events. The most important part of the beginning stages of Labrador retriever puppy training is to develop a relationship with the puppy that will create a bond or a partnership. This will be based on respect and kindness. This will create a partnership that will last forever. Good training is not one giant lesson, but small and gentle lessons that mold the puppy to be the model that we want. If you have the idea of going forward into advanced retriever training or competition this information will be an excellent introduction to the basic program of almost any professional gun dog or retriever trainer.

Training a Retriever Puppy – Revised Edition shows three different retriever puppies being trained in front of the camera.  This video does NOT show dogs that are already trained.  This is a training method dedicated to how you want your puppy to BE more than what you want your puppy to do.  Emphasis is put on keeping your puppy in BALANCE.

"Everyone who starts a working retriever puppy needs to know about Bill's Hillmann's traffic cop.It's an easy and effective method for getting a young puppy started on steadiness and marking."
- Mike Lardy

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Puppy Training with Bill Hillmann

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The Art and Science of Raising a Puppy DVD with Bill Hillmann
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This production is the real life tale of “Nick” Adams. It will teach you how to develop your new puppy so that he will grow up to be the dog you have always dreamed of - even if you have never trained or owned a dog before, and no matter which breed you have chosen.

From the time Nick gets home from the airport as a 7 week old puppy until he becomes a gawky teenager, every part of his upbringing is filmed so you can watch him grow up right on your screen.

You can see his scarey beginning days away from his mom and his litter, his first unsure night in his new home and meeting his new family.

You will watch the entire process of housebreaking, socialization, early training, obedience, being around kids, grooming, feeding and learning manners. These are all explained AND demonstrated in detail.

There are four things that are unique to this production:

1. First of all, this production shows a specific dog growing up and actually learning the skills he needs to have in life. (not random examples and/or lectures)

2. You will learn how to create the “on-off” switch, which teaches a dog to focus on you and react to you.

3. You will learn that a dog must have a job … a purpose in life so that he can earn the reward which he wants more than anything else …which is praise and to play the game.

4. You will learn how to reinforce and strengthen commands and to make them powerful and reliable even with distractions and to understand the difference between reinforcement and correction.

But most of all, this film is about the process of building trust and loyalty and a relationship that will last forever. No other documentary like this is available.

Traffic Cop DVD with Bill Hillmann

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We start by teaching the dog to sit with minor distractions as to tossing a bumper on the ground. The "sit" command is reinforced with the remote trainer. It's done in such a mild way the dog doesn't realize he's being taught anything.

The Heel Command - The Essential Skill for walking in public with you dog
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It is a true joy and a sense of pride, as well as a necessary component for dogs that are in competition to be able to heel properly. Even if you have no intention of competing with your dog, it is a great benefit to be able to heel your dog in public, in situations where there are distractions, kids, other dogs, traffic, squirrels, rabbits, etc. In this production the complete sequence of teaching a dog to heel, in the correct position, looking out and not up into the sky, while at the same time being totally aware of the movements and progress of the handler are explained in detail in a step by step process that is extremely clear and when followed will produce a dog that heels properly. It is important that each sequence is practiced and rehearsed before moving forward. Many times trainers will skip ahead and be in a hurry to achieve results and in the long run, end up taking a longer time because they have to go back and redo essential portions of the program. When you follow the sequence, you can expect to be excited to have a dog that heels beautifully and correctly under adverse conditions.

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The Fetch Command DVD with Bill Hillmann
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The subject of this production is teaching the Fetch command. The common term for this is force breaking. A number of years ago Bill decided to work on a process to use the electric collar to reinforce the Fetch command AFTER he has taught force fetch, in a teaching way.

Remember the electric collar is used to reinforce a command they ALREADY KNOW.

Chapter 1 Getting Started
Bill shows the training level he likes the dog to be at before starting to teach Fetch.

Chapter 2 TEACHING
Fetch Bill shows in consecutive training sessions how he teaches the Fetch command in his golden retriever training session.

Chapter 3 Fetch - with Reinforcement
Bill shows in consecutive sessions how he reinforces teh Fetch command with the collar.

A Golden Retriever female "Torch" is introduced for her first public appearance.

Fundamentals Water
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One of the key things about Fundamentals is that during this time it’s important that the dog progresses in his marking as well. During this part of training Bill likes to do at least what he calles “walking marks,” where you make the dog sit, you walk out a ways, say “sit” and throw a mark and send the dog. Bill likes to do literally hundreds of these. They start short and can progress up to perhaps 100 yds away from your dog. While you are working on Fundamentals make sure you inject lots of marks, flyers, birds, dead birds, pigeons, ducks, chickens . . . . . . . a lot of marking in conjunction.

To Bill, during Fundamentals is when you are designing your dog’s character, you are giving him his skills. If you do it right, you are developing every good trait that your dog was born with. It’s during water training you can make a dog great or make a dog less than great. You are developing the right attitude that allows your Fundamentals to progress at a better rate. These are attitude marks so that when challening marks come up the dog has the right attitude to deal with them.

Summary: Fundamentals in the water gives you a chance to make a great dog and it’s important that they have the right attitude and to keep that attitude in the right place.. One of the ways you do this is by a constant amount of marks that bolster and create the right attitude. Almost every day after training Bill likes to take the dog and just stroll around and wait for little situations to arise, spend time, nobody else around, you and your dog, these are the magical moments. Thousands of marks, do you think that would help their marking to have thousands of marks?

The Fetch Command DVD with Bill Hillmann
$149 includes

TX residents please
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What are Fundamentals?  Since I finished filming I have  been thinking more about fundamentals as I view the subject. .. . for me it's really a time when you develop the way a dog is. …  From the time you first start training a puppy and on thru basic training,  you are molding what the dog will be like.

What could be more important?

Essentially, the process of training, not just commands and concepts,  is the procedure of creating attitudes like courage, enthusiasm, dedication,  passion for work etc.  So, because of this, I pay very close attention to  making sure that the dog, as he goes thru this development,  thinks and believes that retrieving is a wonderful game, and that it is fun.   To summarize, Fundamentals are far more than the Basic Skills.  It is during this time that the dog develops and how he becomes  the dog that you want him to be.

Advanced Retriever Training with Bill Hilmann
$179 For On-Line Access

Advanced Retriever Training

Serious competitors who are determined to advance their training to the highest levels need to acquire the skills and knowledge that are needed to build a truly competitive dog. This involves delving into the deep rooted reasons why dogs behave the way they do and why traditional training has been developed to deal with the behavior of field dogs. Sometimes however we need to dig a little deeper and ask more serious questions on why dogs do what they do and what measures are required to get them to do what we want with courage and conviction and skill. Many trainers use certain training methods because someone has told them that that’s the way it’s always been done. But sometimes isn’t it a good idea to question these old ways and devise new ways to teach the required skills in a way that is more clear and easier for a dog to understand. When we do this, and design each training day to compliment the individual characteristics of each dog we begin to create a team player that is more capable of being successful. This production emphasizes ways to develop the dog that we can be truly proud of. Included are many drills and procedures that make complicated concepts more easily understood through practice and repetition with an individually conceived approach for each dog.

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Art & Science of Raising a Puppy
Training a Retriever Puppy

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Fundamentals, Land
Fundamentals, Water

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Training a Retriever Puppy
Traffic Cop
Fetch Command
Fundamentals, Land
Fundamentals, Water

The Game
$79 For On-Line Access

The Game

The most important part of teaching any student is that he must focus on the teacher if he expects to learn. In retriever training, a dog must learn that he can have what he wants if he does what you want. “THE GAME” teaches focus, how to develop the “on-off” switch, and how to have a dog perform well while in a peak level of excitement. Any dog can obey commands when he is at a low level of excitement and is operating out of fear. But, don’t we need a dog that will perform while in his most excitable state? When you are at a competition or when a flock of mallards are coming in to your decoys and everyone is shooting, or when guests come to your house …. That’s when you need obedience and control and peak performance. This video outlines the process of achieving focus and peak performance under the most exciting conditions, and teaches you how to create the peak state in your dog in an instant. Jim Wegner has mastered this process and has made every step clear and precise … an essential component of creating a masterpiece in dog training.

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Training your Pet with the Electric Collar with Bill Hilmann
$89 includes
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Training your Pet with the Electric Collar shows consecutive training sessions with a mixed breed [half Jack Russell terrier] one year old pet "Tilly" which has never been worked before the camera started shooting the lessons. You will see the very first time Tilly hears the SIT command and the first time she walks on a line.

How to start each training session
Teaching the SIT command
Rewarding the SIT command
Reinforcing the SIT command with the collar (including a Summary at the end of the chapter)
Teaching HERE command
Rewarding HERE command
Reinforcing HERE command with the collar (including a Summary at the end of the chapter)
The NO command
The Importance of Practrice